The Government has announced that 7 Maldivians who were present in Wuhan during the Coronavirus outbreak have been relocated to Delhi on a special AirIndia flight today. The announcement was made at a joint press briefing held this morning at the President's Office by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Tourism and relevant Medical Officers.

Speaking at the Press Conference, Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdulla Shahid briefed the media that 7 Maldivians will be housed in Delhi for the quarantine duration to ensure they are not infected/infectious before transferring them back to the Maldives. He also noted that the quarantine facility in Delhi suffices the requirements set by the World Health Organization and stated that the Indian Government would provide all necessities and access to their families and friends.

Minister Shahid also highlighted that the 7 Maldivians were relocated to the quarantine facility with the full assistance of the Indian Government and extended gratitude to the Indian Prime Minister and the Government of India. Furthermore, Minister Shahid stated that apart from the 7 Maldivians transferred to Delhi, a further 43 Maldivians are residing in other cities in China, from which only one Maldivian wishes to return to the Maldives.

Minister Ali Waheed reassured that the country is fully prepared to fight any possible Coronavirus crisis in the Maldives, and briefed the media on the latest updates regarding preparations being carried out to safeguard the Maldivian public. Speaking in this regard he stated that a quarantine facility is being built in FaarukolhuFushi. He also stated that in order to strengthen the monitoring system for all persons the Maldives entering the Maldives, the Government has ordered extra thermal cameras and is taking all precautionary measures recommended through international guidelines under the direction of the President.

The Government also confirmed that a press conference will be held daily at 11 am to give the media and the public the latest updates regarding the situation at hand. Moreover the government states that if necessary, the press conference will also be held at 9 pm.