President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has described the opening of Izzuddin School as a new chapter in forwarding the Administration’s single-session schooling policy. The President made the remarks speaking after officially inaugurating the new school, and expressed his best wishes to students across the country as they commence the new academic year.

President Solih stressed that the new school paves the way to provide holistic education and a conducive environment for the students, focused on producing intellectually capable, physically skilled and responsible citizens. Noting that the new school was a positive development for the education sector, he expressed his hopes that Izzuddin School would take the education sector to newer heights.

Noting that the new school was named after Sultan al-Ghazi Hassan Izzuddin Sri Kula Ranmiba Kahthiri Bawana Maharadun—the first sultan of the Huraa Dynasty—President Solih paid tribute to the sultan’s revered service to the nation, and the role of Huraa Dynasty in progressing the education sector.

Noting that historians described Sultan Izzuddin as a determined, intellectual, faithful and compassionate individual, President Solih urged all students to follow by his example, traits which the President described as crucial for the continued peace and harmony in the society.

The President also stressed the Administration’s aim to develop the education sector further. In this regard, President Solih noted that a record budget had been earmarked this year for the cause—12 per cent of the State Budget—which amounts to MVR4.4 billion. Breaking down the numbers, President Solih noted that MVR330 million would be spent on infrastructure development, while MVR65 million was earmarked for the development of the new building of Dharumavantha School and another MVR54 million set aside to build a new school building in Hulhumalé.

He further shed light on the contributions of the private sector in education development and thanked them for their service. Addressing the students, President Solih urged them to be compassionate and respectful of each other and be affectionate and fraternal. He also appealed to them to listen, respect and follow the unsolicited advice of their parents and teachers.

Continuing further, President Solih spoke about some of the achievements made over the past year, describing it as one where significant accomplishments were made in the education sector. In this note, he highlighted that over 5,590 students had enrolled in higher education programmes under the Administration’s free education scheme for degree students. Another milestone he highlighted was the Administration’s policy to provide financial assistance to students undertaking higher education abroad, reducing the interest rates of student loans by 3 per cent, and increasing the payback period of the loans by 25 per cent.

Highlighting the demanding and critical role of teachers, the management of schools and parents—especially Aishath Ali, the Minister of Education and her team—President Solih emphasised that they were tasked with the high duty of building responsible and productive citizens.

Vice President Faisal Naseem also attended the opening ceremony of the new school which can accommodate 450 students and teaches up to the sixth grade. It becomes the 212th public school in the country.