Upon the advisement of the Cabinet, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has declared that beginning from next year onwards, October 22nd of each year will be National Youth day.

The President made this decision after Cabinet Ministers’ extensive deliberations on the matter during the Cabinet meeting held today.

At the Cabinet discussion, Ministers underscored that twelve years ago, October 22nd was the noteworthy day on which the Act enabling voting rights for Maldivian citizens of 18 years and above was passed.

Shedding light on the importance of enabling voting rights for the youth population, Cabinet Ministers stated that the Act was passed on that day as a result of sustained hard work by the Members of the Special Majlis, therefore validating the day as one of significant youth empowerment in the country.

National Youth Day has been celebrated on different dates on numerous occasions in the past, which includes the 1st of March, 12th of August and 7th of November.

Upon the declaration, the government has decided to celebrate the National Youth Day in 2020 with vibrant festivities.