First Lady Fazna Ahmed, at a special ceremony, to celebrate RajjeTV’s 9th anniversary, called upon local media organizations to increase public awareness campaigns on important social issues afflicting Maldivian society. At a time when the role of media in public life has increased both in scope as well as reach, the First Lady highlighted on the positive role media could play on issues such as child negligence in the Maldives.

The First Lady highlights how media can work to make public institutions more accountable and the role of media on educating the public with regard to critical issues within society. In this regard, she stated that currently, her biggest concerns are matters of child negligence in the country. Speaking in this regard she stated that the existing trend is to discuss issues of child negligence only when it is considered newsworthy or relevant to the news cycle and then shift focus away from the issue without attempting to understand the root cause or giving way for public debate on meaningful solutions to the problem. Moreover, she stated that media has an important role to play in fostering positive social change via strategic awareness campaigns on issues such as this.

The First Lady also spoke on the history of Raajje TV where she commended the channel's employees, noting how Raajje TV has made a significant contribution to media in the country and how it is a channel with accomplished journalists who have displayed exceptional bravery and courage even in the face of apparent danger.

She further called upon the existing Raajje TV employees to work diligently in the same journalistic spirits as previously.
During the event, the First Lady extended heartfelt appreciation to the channel's management and employees for the continuous earnest and attentive work throughout the past 9 years. She also extended well wishes on the occasion and gave out the prestigious “Staff of the year 2019” award for Editor Ahmed Siraj.