Vice President Faisal Naseeem has urged the all citizens, especially the youth, to be more attentive and mindful while using the roads. He stated this while addressing the gathering this evening at Social Centre grounds to kickstart the Road Safety Walk- a national road safety awareness program held all over the Maldives simultaneously.

Speaking at the event, the Vice President stated that since President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih assumed office, his foremost priority has been to ensure the safety of the people. He further stressed that recurring road accidents have put individual lives in enormous danger and the public in a state of constant panic.

Moreover the Vice President stated laws and regulations are made to ensure the safety of the people and that we can all put conscious effort to uphold laws and regulations and work together to control incidents of this nature from occurring in this country. He restated that road safety is an issue of immense and urgent importance to all members of society and that it requires individual effort to foster safer neighborhoods and safer streets . The Vice President further urged all parents to lead by example so that their children would follow suit.