Vice President Faisal Naseem has emphasised the Administration stands committed to its efforts of ensuring a drug-free state. He made the remarks, speaking at a meeting with the management and staff of Blossoms Convalescent Centre in Bangalore, India, during a visit to the centre this morning.

The Vice President was welcomed to the centre by Cecil George, the Founder, and Chief Executive Officer; and top officials of Maldives’ National Drug Agency (NDA), and Gender and Youth Ministries.

In his remarks, the Vice President highlighted that the Administration is affiliating with local and international bodies to make the Maldives drug-free. He further urged for the full support of families and the community in this endeavour.

The Vice President further spoke about the Administration’s initiatives to treat addicts and integrate them back into society. In this regard, he highlighted the efforts to cut down the waitlist for residential rehabilitation and ensure immediate care and support through recovery.

Noting the contributions of Blossoms Convalescent Centre in the treatment of Maldivian nationals, the Vice President urged for the continued support and cooperation from the centre to the Maldives, in its efforts to combat drug addiction. He concluded his remarks, thanking the management and staff of the centre.

Blossoms Convalescent Centre specialises in the treatment of alcohol- and drug-dependent patients. It follows a 12-step programme empowering intensive reflection, study, clean living and exercise. Currently, there are eight Maldivians undergoing drug rehabilitation at the centre.