President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has conferred the National Award of Special Achievement to 39 honourees. The recipients were presented with the awards at the Official Ceremony held to mark Republic Day. The function was held tonight at Dharubaaruge. 

The honourees include an individual awarded for achieving an outstanding accomplishment in attaining the highest academic qualification in the Maldives National Qualifications Framework, 32 recipients for achieving the highest rank in an academic or skill training course, six individuals for attaining the highest rank in an international exhibition or competition, and two national sports teams. 

The President also presented medals to 16 individuals who earned the title of Hafiz, for memorising the Holy Quran, and 17 students who achieved the top awards in the world in higher secondary and secondary education. In addition, a special plaque of recognition was awarded to two scouts, while the President’s Scout Badge were presented to five scouts and six scouts were awarded the Baden Powell Badge. 

The honouree who was conferred the medal for achieving the highest academic qualification in the Maldives National Qualifications Framework is: 

1. Dr Yusuf Nizam


The 32 recipients who achieved the highest in a higher academic course or training course are: 

Master’s Degree

1. Hassaan Waheed

2. Fathimath Dhiyana

3. Abdulla Sanoon

4. Uz. Hawwa Sana

5. Chief Station Inspector of Police Shimhaz Ali

6. Hamdhoon Abdul Hameed

7. Khadheeja Siuna

8. Khadheeja Leeza

9. Ibrahim Adam

10. Mohamed Riyaz

11. Aishath Rasheed

12. Uz. Ahmed Abdul Matheen

13. Hamid Ali

14. Inspector of Police Abdulla Areef

15. Amir Hassan

16. Saudhath Afeef

17. Uz. Muna Asim

18. Uz. Khadheeja Ahmed

Postgraduate Diploma

1. Sifan Abdul Raheem

Bachelor’s Degree

1. Arushad Ahmed

2. Dr Aminath Najdha

3. Ahmed Ammar Naseer

4. Ali Jaishan Amir

5. Uz. Ahmed Shaffan Ahmed

6. Ibrahim Shahid

7. Aishath Nawal Nizar

8. Fathimath Shinaz Moosa

9. Mohamed Sheeraz

10. Aishath Hanna

11. Ahmed Naif Mohamed

12. Uz. Sheeza Latheef

13. Thibyan Ibrahim


The honourees awarded for attaining the highest rank in an international exhibition or competition are: 

1. Aishath Rishmee Rameez

2. Ahmed Mahil Saeed

3. Mohamed Moosa

4. Azneen Rasheed

5. Aminath Nabeeha Abdul Razzaq

6. Fathimath Dheema Ali

7. Aishath Rafa Nazim

The recipients in this category also include the Table Tennis Women’s Team Champion at the Indian Ocean Island Games 2018, in addition to the National football team which won the SAFF Suzuki Cup 2018. 


President Solih also conferred the award to 16 honourees for committing the Quran to memory. They are:

1. Al-Hafiza Asiyath Adam

2. Al-Hafiz Hassan Ahil

3. Al-Hafiza Zoona Ismail

4. Al-Hafiz Abdulla Alyasa Bin Zamzam

5. Al-Hafiz Sibgathullah Ahmed

6. Al-Hafiz Mohamed Rafaah Ahmed

7. Al-Hafiza Maazina Abdul Raheem

8. Al-Hafiza Mariyam Mikyas Salman

9. Al-Hafiz Nazil Mohamed

10. Al-Hafiza Urjuwan Mohamed

11. Al-Hafiz Mohamed Zain Ashraf

12. Al-Hafiza Maisha Abdul Raheem

13. Al-Hafiza Fathimath Shaya Zahir

14. Al-Hafiza Fathimath Shuau Shah

15. Al-Hafiza Mariyam Hussain

16. Al-Hafiz Maish Majid


Honourees who were conferred the award for achieving first place in the world top ten in the 2018 IGCSE and GCE O Level examinations are:

1. Ahmed Rasal Thasleem – Business Studies and Economics (Ahmadhiyya International School)

2. Zayan Saudhulla: - Mathematics (HA. Uligamu School)

3. Ismail Azuman Abdulla – Sociology (Billabong High International School)

4. Zayan Abdulla Nazil – Biology (Iskandar School)

5. Ibrahim Yaish Shakir – Marine Science (Dharumavantha School)

6. Aminath Lamia Maqbool – Travel and Tourism (Iskandar School)


Recipients of the award for achieving first place in the world top ten in the 2018 A Level examinations are: 

1. Ahmed Alhan Adam – Accounting (Ahmadhiyya International School)

2. Hussain Saanee – Accounting (Ahmadhiyya International School)

3. Aminath Risala – Accounting (F. Bilehdhoo School)

4. Abdulla Yazan Rasheed – Accounting and Business Studies (Addu High School)

5. Aishath Sahaa Rasheed – Accounting and Economics (Addu High School)

6. Imkan Ibrahim – Accounting (Centre for Higher Secondary Education)

7. Ismail Nafaal Ibrahim – Accounting (Centre for Higher Secondary Education)

8. Ahmed Ijlal – Accounting (B. Atoll Education Centre)

9. Shameela Abdul Jaleel – Accounting (B. Atoll Education Centre)

10. Mohamed Miuwan Maseeh – Biology (Centre for Higher Secondary Education)

11. Mohamed Thahseen Hassan – Physics (Centre for Higher Secondary Education)


The two scouts presented the special plaque for recognition are: 

1. Ali Fauzan

2. Nishah Abdul Gafoor


Honourees who attained the President’s Scout Badge are: 

1. Mariyam Barsha Mohamed

2. Ismail Jaish Jalal

3. Mohamed Mauil

4. Mohamed Akmal Naseer

5. Aminath Aina Ali


President Solih also conferred the Baden Powel Badge to six scouts. They are: 

1. Abdulla Yafiz Ahmed

2. Faiha Abdulla

3. Sa’aadha Ahmed

4. Izhan Abdulla

5. Ali Thahneek Ahmed

6. Mohamed Iujaz Yazeed