Vice President Faisal Naseem has emphasised the administration’s commitment of leaving no citizen and no company behind in the path towards equitable development. He made the remarks speaking at the function held to launch the ‘Corporate Scholarship Scheme’ initiated by the Ministry of Higher Education in partnership with State-owned Enterprises and the corporate sector. The scheme was launched at a function held this evening at the Islamic Centre.

Highlighting the continued need for human resources development in various fields, the Vice President said that the administration’s policy was to develop capable, responsible and productive individuals to undertake the responsibility of building the nation in the future. Speaking about the numerous human resources development opportunities available, the Vice President noted the importance of utilising every such opportunity.

Stressing on the role of building an efficient workforce, the Vice President called on the working population, especially the youth, to utilise their time productively and effectively. He further spoke about the skills and creativity of Maldivians and said that Maldivians are capable of assuming job opportunities currently occupied by foreigners.

Speaking about the new scholarship scheme, the Vice President urged State-owned Enterprises and private parties to partner with the programme and seek ways to provide higher education opportunities for its staff.

The Corporate Scholarship Scheme initiated by the Higher Education Ministry seeks to enhance and diversify thousands of higher education and training opportunities, available both locally and abroad. The scheme aims to assist employees with career development and guaranteed employment under service-bond agreements with the corporate partners while increasing the knowledge and skills required for the labour market.