President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has met with Fuvahmulah City Council and discussed developmental plans and pertinent issues. The meeting was held this afternoon at the President’s Office. 

During the meeting, the Councillors briefed President Solih on the current developmental challenges faced in the city. Some of the issues addressed at the meeting include difficulties in supplying sand for infrastructure development projects, concerns about the education system and lack of adequate facilities and resources, and issues related to social housing projects. 

The Councillors emphasised concerns about the status of water and sanitation services and other developmental challenges including sports facilities, business development, waste management, and worries in the fisheries and agriculture sector in addition to other pertinent issues faced by the city’s residents. 

During the meeting, President Solih shared details about the status of the harbour development and coastal protection projects with the Councillors. Highlighting the concerns raised by the Councillors, President Solih stated that all raised issues will be discussed with relevant line ministries and addressed swiftly.