Vice President Faisal Naseem has met with councillors from Kinolhas Island of North Maalhosmadulu Atoll. The meeting was held at the President's Office this morning.

During the meeting, Kinolhas Councillors discussed developmental plans and efforts by the council and shared their concerns about the most pertinent issues and urgent needs faced by the residents of the island, including challenges due to the lack of a harbour and the difficulties faced due to the halt of the project to establish a sewerage services on the island.

The Councillors also shared their plan to develop a special Children's Park with the theme 'Ibn Battuta Manzil' through which they hope to portray the rich Islamic history which relates specifically to the island.

Speaking at the meeting, the Vice President highlighted efforts undertaken by the council to improve the overall wellbeing of their residents and emphasized the importance of giving precedence to educating and developing their children.

Regarding the issues raised by the Councillors, the Vice President stated that the administration would take necessary action after discussing with relevant ministries to address the specific issues and concerns.