President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has provided the latest information regarding several issues concerning the public at a press conference held this afternoon at the President’s Office.

Speaking at the Press Conference, the President briefed the public about attending the upcoming United Nations General Assembly and United Nations Secretary General’s Climate Summit stating that it would provide the Maldives with the perfect opportunity to meet global leaders and find solutions on key issues such as climate crisis, gender, health care, and other issues.

The President also updated on the progress of the Commission on Corruption and Asset Recovery and reiterated that the commission is fully engaged in the goal to recover the lost funds and bring to book those responsible in accordance with the law.

He further stated that the Commission on Deaths and Disappearances has a daunting task at hand but nevertheless that they have made great progress thus far. He also shared details of cases on Rilwan Abdullah and stated that details of the cases of Yameen Rasheed, Raudha Athif, Mohamed Anas and others will be disclosed soon.

Noting that the amendments to the Maldives’ terrorism bill will help mitigate the crisis of extremism and further help build a safer environment. He further stated that the list of terrorist organizations will be made public today.

Speaking at the press conference, the President highlighted that the government is trying to solve the decades-long issue of undocumented migrant workers in the Maldives and stated that in order to achieve this, the quota limit set for Bangladeshi workers for a period of one year will help us address systematic obstacles and enable the process of bringing them into the system.

Moreover, addressing questions asked by the media the President emphasized that the government is committed to investing in wind and solar technology infrastructure to ensure affordable utility prices for Maldivian people. He also stated that the government is convinced that this is the only way forward to solving energy issues in the Maldives.

Furthermore, the President unequivocally stated the government's promise is to find ways to increase the earnings of fishermen stating that we have to ensure that our catch reaches buyers in good quality. In this regard, the President further stated that given the urgency, the government will give out a temporary license for SME’s across the country to enable the sale of fish.