Vice President Faisal Naseem has met with the senior management of Hajj Corporation and held discussions relating to Hajj Pilgrimage. The meeting was held this morning at the Presidents Office.

During the meeting, the Vice President expressed gratitude for the systematically smooth Hajj arrangements organized by Hajj Corporation along with other parties involved in taking Maldivians Hajj Pilgrims this year. He advised the corporation to do pre-planning and to give special consideration in allocating slots to elderly people and people with medical conditions in taking them to Hajj pilgrimage. Moreover, the Vice President also urged to conduct preliminary awareness programs regarding hajj pilgrimage more broadly throughout all regions of the Maldives.

Speaking during the meeting, the management of Hajj Corporation highlighted the components that require remodelling in sending people to Hajj, noting that the corporation lacks land space to build a waqf structure as a way of generating more income for the corporation. They also underscored the importance of speeding up the quota process from the Saudi Government. The senior management of Hajj Corporation also shared their concerns and thoughts for further strengthening the work of the Corporation.

Vice President took note of all their concerns, expressing that he would work with the relevant authorities to remedy the issues brought to light.