President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has today met with members of Meedhoo Island Council of North Maalhosmadulu Atoll. The meeting was held at Meedhoo School this afternoon as part of his ongoing visit to Raa Atoll.

During the meeting, the President noted that such meetings allow the administration to better perceive the needs of the people, and aids in future planning, especially allowing for the integration of essential projects within the scope of next year’s State Budget. He said that such meetings also allow the government to share key information with the local councils, particularly regarding prospective amendments to the Decentralisation Act which will grant more authority and responsibilities on the local councils.

The Councillors and representatives of government institutions of the island conveyed information about developmental plans and details about several concerns related to health care, waste management, scarcity of land and housing, harbour development and education.

Speaking at the meeting, President Solih shared updates and timelines of some developmental projects planned for the island. He further assured that the government will work towards addressing the issues raised at the meeting.

Following the meeting with the Councillors and institutional representatives, the President also met with residents of Meedhoo island who appealed to the President to hasten the inquiry into the murder of Meedhoo native Mohamed Anas.

Reassuring the bereaved family, President Solih attested that the Presidential Commission on Deaths and Disappearances is conducting an inquiry into the murder and that the administration will do everything in its power to bring justice to the victim and his family.