Vice President Faisal Naseem has today met with with Male’ City Council to discuss traffic issues and other pressing matters in the Capital .The meeting took place this afternoon at the President’s Office.

The Councillors acknowledged and expressed their appreciation that several of the powers which had been divested from them during the previous administration have now been restored, which will greatly facilitate their work going forward. They highlighted some issues Male’ presently confronts for which they require the government’s assistance, including road safety, resolving parking issues and increasing the capital city's overall cleanliness.
The Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Male', who were also in attendance, updated the Vice President on some of the planned and proposed development projects for the capital, and the various hurdles that need to be overcome to meet their development goals.

The Vice President and Councillors discussed ways to address the present staffing shortages, as well as overcoming bureaucratic and financial hurdles to expedite the progress of important development projects.