President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has addressed the nation on the occasion of International Youth Day. In his remarks, the President emphasized that ensuring that the young generation of today grow up to be the responsible, healthy, productive and well-educated adult citizens of tomorrow is one of the highest mandates of this Administration.

Further, on this International Youth Day, the President extended his well wishes to all Maldivian youth and acknowledged the many hard-working youngsters, guardians and educators who are laboring to ensure continued progress for our youth.

His remarks also shone a light on the essential role played by youth in society, and expounded on the United Nation General Assembly’s resolution relevant to this day, which stressed that 'a quality education is a singular pillar of the sustainable development agenda for 2030, and hence all persons, of all ages should have equal access to opportunities, with none left behind'. He further stated that empowering youth is an essential building block of an inclusive and refined society.

Continuing his remarks, the President emphasized that all of this administration’s policies are geared towards ensuring that our youth in particular are equipped with the training, education and resources to flourish as responsible and self-sufficient citizens in due time. He further highlighted that simultaneously, he would strive to ensure that all youth are instilled with love and respect for their nation, cognizant of their civic duties and their responsibilities towards their country.

The President said 'I hope the youth will be able to fully utilize the opportunities created by this government, to empower themselves and carve out a prosperous path for themselves. Every victory achieved by the youth is a victory for the entire nation. The continued success of our youth is key to our country's progress.”