The President has extended his sincere and warm felicitations to all Maldivian citizens on the jubilant occasion of Eid al-Adha. Sending a celebratory message to all citizens to commemorate the occasion, he reminded all members of the society of their obligations to each other and appealed to ensure that the festive spirit of Eid is extended inclusively to all members of the community.

The President also extended his warmest salutations to all Maldivian brothers and sisters at Mecca for the Holy Pilgrimage, and extended similar warm sentiments to all kindred members of the Muslim Ummah currently on Hajj pilgrimage.

President Solih additionally remarked that every Eid in the Muslim faith is one replete with deep symbolism and meaning and that during these blessed periods, all Muslims must do their utmost to spread joy and kindness throughout society. He emphasized that the felicitous atmosphere of Eid provides a rare opportunity to reach out to loved ones and reinvigorate involvement in one another’s lives, in the communal and charitable spirit cherished in Islam.

Further, asking citizens to reflect on the holiness of this Eid, the President appealed to uphold the virtues of justice and fairness in their dealings with each other. He emphasized that all citizens should strive to present the same standards of equity and integrity to others as they hope to receive themselves to fully embrace the true spirit of this sacred holiday.