Vice President Faisal Naseem has today visited the 'Unveiling Visions 2019' art exhibition. The Vice President admired the various artwork on display and engaged with several talented local artists whose works are being showcased.

The exhibition was inaugurated on the night of August 3rd by the Minister of Education, Dr Aishath Ali, at a special ceremony held at the National Art Gallery. Today, August 7th will be the last day that the pieces are available for public viewing.

Since 2017 the Maldivian Artists Community have been hosting an annual display of their artwork entitled ‘Unveiling Visions’, celebrating local artistic talent by showcasing the best of what Maldivian artists have to offer.

This year’s edition features original artwork from 58 Maldivian artists, both newcomers and well-established names in the artist community.

The President's visit to the exhibit yesterday and the Vice President's visit today are symbolic of this administration's acknowledgement of the prominent role played by local artists to enrich Maldivian culture.