First Lady provided tour of Seychellois National History Museum, visits Perserverance Secondary School and meets with group of young women, who will commence undergraduate studies soon.

As part of a separate program on the sidelines of the State Visit that President Solih is undertaking to the Republic of Seychelles, First Lady Fazna Ahmed has been escorted to the Seychellois National History Museum for a guided tour, led Ms Cecile Kalebi, Seychelle’s Principal Secretary for Culture.
After the conclusion of her tour, during which the First Lady was given a brief glimpse into Seychelle’s rich culture and traditions.

Afterwards she was escorted to Perseverance Secondary School, where she was received by H.E Jeanne Simeon, Minister for Education and Human Resource Development and provided a tour of the school, during which she inspected the school’s facilities and learned about some of the Seychelles’ Governments education policies and priories.

The First Lady was then escorted to the Department of Foreign Affairs Maison Quelau de Quinssay, where she met with a group of young women who look forward to starting their undergraduate studies soon. The First Lady and the prospective students conversed on some of the challenges that women in particular face during their education journeys, and the ways in which they can be overcome. After a productive and edifying conversation the First Lady departed for a luncheon with the President, hosted by the Seychellois Government.