Vice President Faisal Naseem has officially inaugurated ‘Hunaruveni 2019’ at Dharubaaruge today. The event, organized by TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) Authority, aims to showcase the inherent vocational talents and craftsmanship of Maldivians.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony this morning, the Vice President reiterated the Governments’ commitment to nurturing artistic innovation and to the development of artisans in all regions of the Maldives. The Vice President expressed his confidence that these artisans have the capacity to provide a significant contribution to the development of the country.

In his speech, the Vice President continuously stressed the importance of all varieties of craftsmanship; that all aptitudes and professions are equally imperative to achieving national progress. He urged parents to encourage and support their children to learn and explore different vocations.

‘Developing our youth is necessary to develop our nation. This development should begin from the earliest days of childhood education because a well-rounded curriculum involves more than scoring high on exam papers. The Ministry of Education is already implementing these impactful changes in our schools, with the full support of the Government’.

The Vice President also asserted that ‘Hunaruveni 2019’ will be a stepping stone for countless youth in their search for a fulfilling career, as he believes the most satisfied individuals are the ones who work for themselves, and that the skills learned and facilitated through this event will inevitably lead to positive future development for the nation.