In accord with the unanimous advice of the cabinet, and upholding one of his key pledges to the Maldivian people, the President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has declared that in every atoll a minimum of one island, one atoll and one wetland will henceforth be regarded as protected areas.

Under Law No. 4/93 (The Environmental Protection Act) 11 areas in Bodu Thiladhumanthi, which comprises, H.A, H.Dh, Sh and N Atolls were today granted the status of protected areas. These include wetlands, mangroves and surrounding reefs and lagoons in HA. Gallandhoo, HA. Kela wetland HA Bilehdhoo, , HDh. Finey, HDh Innafushi, Sh. Bolisafaru, Sh. Naalaahura, N. Fohdhihparu, N. Bodulhaimendhoo, N. Kendhikulhudhey, mangroves and N. Orismathila.

The decision to declare these areas as protected areas was based on the input of several sources experienced and knowledgeable on environmental matters, and further, with the input of several relevant ministries, including the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of National Planning and Infrastructure. Each of these areas were determined to be rich ecosystems containing a multiplicity of species of both flora and fauna, important to be preserved for subsequent generations of Maldivians.

As soon as it’s published on gazette as protected areas it will be announced via television, radio and other medias. Furthermore information regarding activities prohibited to conduct in the protected areas will be informed to everyone through special informative programmes.