President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has this afternoon met with the Members of the South Maalhosmadulu Atoll Kendhoo Island Council.

At the meeting held at the President’s Office this afternoon, members of the council briefed the President on the most urgent needs of the island’s citizen, and the council’s plans for the further development and economic progress of the island.

In this regard, the council members emphasized the need for establishing clean water and sanitation services in the island. The Council members also informed the President on the issues faced because of soil erosion, and shortage of land issues. Moreover, they underscored that the lack of space in Kendhoo School and challenges faced to the fisherman due to no proper mechanism available for them to sell their fishes.

During the meeting, the Councillors highlighted that the community is in need of a Mosque. Also requested to facilitate more ways for the women to earn income. Additionally, councilors requested to develop a modern football ground to the youth.

Speaking at the meeting, President Solih stated that it was his aim to meet with all public service institutions and work closely with the people in fulfilling their needs. The President expressed that the government would take necessary action after discussing with the relevant institutions and addresses the specific issues and concerns raised by members of the Kendhoo Island Council.