UN Resident Coordinator for the Maldives, Ms. Shoko Noda made a farewell call upon the Vice President of the Maldives, His Excellency Faisal Naseem, this afternoon at the President’s Office.

Noting that it had been a joy to work alongside the Maldives’ Government for the past several years, she expressed her gladness that she was moving on at a time when political stability and openness has returned to the country and when it can look forward to brighter times.

The UNDP is one of the chief development partners of the Maldives and has been instrumental to the country’s socio-economic progress. The Vice President conveyed his gratitude for all the work done by the UNDP and thanked Ms. Shoko Noda in particular for the personal passion and sincerity for the Maldives’ continued development she had demonstrated during her stewardship of the organization.

Ms. Noda also congratulated the Government on the significant Parliamentary victory and positively noted that the present administration now has a strong legislative backing to carry out its mandate. She affirmed the importance of the Government’s efforts to improve the quality of the Maldives’ judiciary, decentralize the country and increase women’s representation in all spheres of Government.

The Vice President stated that the Government is resolved to continue working with the UNDP team and Ms. Noda’s successor in fulfilling its pledges to the Maldivian people. He thanked Ms. Noda for her services to the Maldives and wished her well in her future endeavors.