President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has stated that the love and affection of their kids are the most important thing for parents as they get older and not the company of some outsider. He made this remark while speaking at the function held tonight at the Faculty of Health Sciences to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Aged Care Maldives.

Speaking in this regard the President noted that, lots of senior citizens are facing mental health and lifestyle issues. Therefore, the President urged everyone to recognise their hard work and provide them a better life. the President also urged everyone to always put in their best efforts to facilitating one's parents with an easy and joyous life. He stated that no one should ever forget the sacrifices made for them by their own parents.

While addressing the gathering, the President highlighted invaluable services from the senior citizens to the nation and advised to appreciate their efforts in nation building.

Speaking at the function, the president state that it is very important to facilitate elder people a more productive and active senior life. He reiterated that the society must ensure a safe and harmonious environment for them.

During the function, the President praised and conveyed appreciation to the founder member of Age Care Maldives, Dr. Aminath Jameela, her spouse Mr. Mohamed Ismail and other members of the center. He also congratulated them for the achievement of providing 15 years of continuous services.

At the event, First Lady Fazna Ahmed gave a plaque of appreciation for the members delivered their services for more than 10 years and the members who provide exceptional services to the Aged Care Maldives.

Aged Care Maldives is a nonprofit and a non-governmental organization who strives to focus on the needs of the aging population and the needs of their families in the Maldives. Aged Care Maldives aims is to promote healthy aging; encourage the older people to be contributing members of the community, and to assist the frail to maintain their independence and dignity.

At the event, First Lady Fazna Ahmed, Vice President and his wife, Cabinet Ministers and Senior employees of this administration have participated.