Vice President Faisal Naseem has called upon everyone to set an example for children in obeying road safety rules. The Vice President made this appeal while speaking at the launching of the National Road Safety Action Plan. The action plan was launched at a ceremony held this evening.

The Vice President sadly noted that a high number of youth were among those who meet with road accidents in the country, and urged all youth to be more attentive and careful while on the roads. Noting the high rise in road accidents in the Maldives each year, especially in the larger islands, the Vice President underlined the importance of adhering to road safety measures for drivers and pedestrians alike.

Vice President Naseem also stated that it was upsetting that such a high number of the individuals lose their lives or are caused lifelong disabilities because of carelessness. He further called upon all State institutions to come together and be cooperative in the implementation of the action plan launched this evening.

The Vice President also noted that great efforts have been put in by the administration within its first 100 days, to minimize and prevent road accidents, which have yielded fruitful results.