Providing high quality and accessible healthcare to citizens across the entire breadth of the country was one of this government’s most important priorities and this government will provide ease to the community he made this remark while speaking at the launching ceremony of the past health minister’s summit. The function was held this morning at the Bandos Island resort.

His Excellency remarked that whilst the government was keenly committed to delivering on all of its healthcare related pledges a key obstacle has been previous governments’ decisions to centralize health services in the capital, whilst neglecting outlying atolls and islands. It will be the policy of the present administration to ensure that the entire country has access to good healthcare facilities.

Addressing the many dignitaries present who had contributed to the Maldives’ health sector, the President thanked them for their many services, and conveyed that their expertise and knowledge would be needed in order to ensure the success of the government’s health policies.

The President lamented that under previous administrations the government’s Aasandha program, which provides free healthcare to citizens, had become susceptible to corruption. He stated that his own administration practices a policy of zero tolerance to corruption and requested the support of all citizens towards the government’s efforts to ensure that there is no malfeasance in the health sector.