President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, at the 2019 Graduation Ceremony of the Maldives National University held last night at Dharubaaruge, urged graduating students to utilise what they’ve learnt towards the larger cause of nation building.

Addressing the graduates , President Solih commended on the positive contribution made by MNU towards establishing a well educated professional workforce in the Maldives. The President also praised the new Medicine program of the University stating that expectations of the general public are high with regard to the department with hopes that the department would provide much needed medical specialists in the future.

The President also noted the work done by the MNU in ensuring accessibility to tertiary studies throughout the country, acknowledging that regional MNU campuses are now operational in the north and south of the country. The President also noted how future expansion plans should see the establishment of an MNU presence in every atoll of the country. The president also spoke at length about the importance of doing original research especially in economically Important fields such as fisheries and agriculture.

Moreover, the President also acknowledged the critical role played by the university in empowering women and the positive contribution to the sector made by women. In this regard, the President noted how almost 78.2 percent of the night’s graduands were women. The president further encouraged Maldivian women to excel in other professional areas noting that women should have increased leadership opportunities both in public administration as well as politics.

The President closed his remarks calling on the graduates to be proactive, to utilise opportunities and to use the knowledge they’ve acquired towards the improving their themselves as well as the country.