His Excellency President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has met with Sri Lankan business community members today. During the meeting the President observed that trade between Sri Lanka and the Maldives has prospered in recent years. He stated that his administration would like to build on these positive foundations and looks forward to welcoming more Sri Lankan entrepreneurs and investors to do business in the Maldives. 

The President emphasized that it is this administration’s belief that the private sector remains the key engine of economic growth and underscored that a stable, rule-based economic order, designed to facilitate ease of business is crucial to further economic prosperity. He further reiterated that the Maldives will always remain a country open for business and that his administration is committed to encouraging foreign investment. 

He further observed that both the Maldives and Sri Lanka are fast emerging economies, reliant on similar sectors such as tourism, and face a similar set of challenges – from natural disasters to climate change. The President underlined that the areas in which the two countries can collaborate and learn from one another are many, highlighting the field of renewable energy in particular. 

The President also highlight the importance of trade liberalization within the region, and appealed for Sri Lanka and other neighboring countries ‘to explore as many avenues as we can to expand and strengthen business partnerships…so that we can truly realize the ideal of a free flow of goods, people and commerce within the region.”

During the event, the President of Sri Lanka Business Council presented a plaque to President Solih, for his support to strengthening trade relations between the two countries.

The President is currently on 3 days State visit to Sri Lanka.