Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen; good evening the executive Director of United Nations Environment Programme; and also the United Nations Deputy Secretary General:

Before I start, I will point out that in the programme we were supposed to be served with the fist course of the meal now. So you can go ahead with the first course.

I am humbled by this recognition. Most of the time when we actually do something, we were not doing it knowing what would come or what appreciation we will get from what we do, but mostly it is in the mundane affairs of life you continue to do what you do.

For us impressing upon the international community, the challenges that we face because of climate change is very, very important. And therefore, we were faced with almost all possibilities and options we have, to see what we may be ale to achieve and how we may be able to get the attention of the international community on the challenges to the Maldives.

As I have pointed out many times, this work I do is also because I am the elected president of the Republic of Maldives and our country has the threat of annihilation and therefore, it is my duty to continue working along these paths.

I thank the United Nations, especially the United Nations Environment Programme. I also thank the government of South Korea and also its people. I must say we are very well looked after and very comfortably lodged and pampered.

Again, thank you very much and have an enjoyable evening.