His Excellency Wang Fukang, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to the Republic of Maldives, our good friend, senior government officials, ladies and gentlemen. Good evening.
At the outset, may I convey greetings and well wishes of President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom.
Let me take this opportunity to thank Ambassador Wang Fukang for giving me this opportunity to say a few words and enjoy the Chinese culture.
Ambassador Wang has been working very closely with the Government of Maldives in various fields. Therefore, I thank Ambassador Wang for his efforts to strengthen the relations between our two countries.
China is one of the closest friends and one of the most important development partners of Maldives. Since the establishment of the bilateral relations between our two countries in 1972, China has contributed immensely on various fields of development. Our two countries have always respected, trusted and supported each other. Excellency, may I assure you that this will remain the same.
As we celebrate 43 years of bilateral relations between our two countries this year, it is important to strengthen this relationship further. I believe that tonight’s event, and more and more such events will help to strengthen the existing close bond between China and Maldives.
Once again I thank Ambassador Wang Fukang for giving me this opportunity. May I also thank the sponsors of this event, The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Republic of Maldives, China Cultural Center in Sri Lanka and Municipal Administration of Culture, Radio, Film and Television of Tianjin.
Very special thanks to the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Maldives and The Embassy of People’s Republic of China in Sri Lanka for supporting this event.
Before leaving this platform, let me share an old Chinese poem, “The river is wide at full tide; a strong wind sends the sail surging forward.” China-Maldives relations will grow strength to strength.
Thank you!
Wassalaam Alaikum Warahmathullah Wabarakaathuh