In his speech at the official ceremony to mark this yearś Farmers´ Day, Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed has said it was not safe for the Maldives to entirely depend on world food market.

Noting that the Maldives depended entirely on food imports, he said we were extremely vulnerable to instabilities in the world food market and food prices could become too expensive for Maldivians.

Therefore, he underscored the importance of prioritizing growing crops that were most suitable for the Maldives to increase our food security and reduce the quantity of imported food items.

Speaking at the ceremony held at Addu Atoll School in Hulhumeedhoo of Addu Atoll last evening, the Vice President also spoke on the importance changing Maldivians´ food habits to ensure they get all vital nutrients.

He pointed out growing more fruits and vegetables and making them more affordable, and increasing public awareness as important factors to ensure our diet included all food items that provide necessary nutrients.

During his visit to Hulhumeedhoo yesterday to officiate the Farmers´ Day events, the Vice President inaugurated an exhibition that showcased new farming methods and technologies.

The Vice President visited Hulhumeedhoo yesterday afternoon. He has returned to Male´ this morning.