The President’s Office has officially handed over historic manuscripts in the President’s Office to Department of Heritage today.

Speaking at a special function held at the National Museum this morning, President Mohamed Nasheed said the manuscripts have added to our treasure of the historical documents and information.

The manuscripts handed over to the Heritage Department today were discovered in the President’s Office in late 2008.

Elaborating on preservation work carried out by the President’s Office, the President thanked Ms Aminath Shareef, Senior Project Director of the President’s Office, for her dedication and successfully completing the work.

Ms Shareef led the work of preserving and cataloguing all the manuscripts and documents that were handed over to the Department of Heritage today.

The President said the manuscripts and documents were an important source of historic information, and spoke, in detail, on some of the manuscripts.

Ms Shareef, signed the official document of handing over the manuscripts and presented the catalogue of all manuscripts to the Department of Heritage, on behalf of the President’s Office. Director of the National Museum Mr Ali Waheed signed the document and accepted the catalogue on behalf of the Department.