In his weekly radio address, President Mohamed Nasheed has said he is hopeful political parties in the country will be able to consolidate internal democracy.

Speaking on the importance of internal party elections, the President noted election methods in all political parties need not be similar.

“[Election] procedures may differ from one party to another. It is a decision up to party members,” the President said.

“However, I hope through political parties we will be able to identify qualified people who have pubic support to run for future political positions,” he added.

The President explained that one of the main aims of party system was to identify qualified people for public offices and build future leaders, adding that “such candidates must have a consistent political philosophy, purpose and perspective”.

President Nasheed congratulated MDP leadership for their recent party elections as the party prepares for annual congress later this month.

In his radio address, the President also spoke on Thimarafushi airport project, introduction of speed boat ferry between Male and Hulhule, and the completion of causeway between Hulhule and Hulhumale.

On Thursday, Special Envoy Ibrahim Hussain Zaki launched a land reclamation project for the airport in Thimarafushi. A total of 41 hectares of land will be added to the island, of which 31 hectares will be allocated for the development of the airport. The project is contracted to Hansang of South Korea.

The President began his address by highlighting this year’s final school exams. He shared his experience as a parent of two school-aged children and emphasised parental responsibility as students prepare for their exams. He reminded students that key to success in anything lied in steadfastness and perseverance.