President Nasheed has said that the utility companies established to provide basic services to the people would begin operation in mid this year. The President made this statement while speaking to the people of Veymandoo last evening.

The President said that with the commencement of operation of the utility companies, basic services including electricity, water supply, sewerage system and cooking gas would be delivered in a more convenient manner. Furthermore, the President said the government policy was to provide electricity to the people from a state owned company and to take a market based approach in developing state owned companies. In this regard, the President said that after STELCO becomes a joint venture company, the government would assist those people facing difficulties in paying their electricity bills.

President Nasheed also said that the government planned to establish an electricity network across the atoll and that a business corporation would be established to run this network. He added that this corporation too would eventually become a joint venture corporation.
During his visit to Veymandoo, the President met with delegations from Vandhoo, Kan’doodhoo and Omadhoo. During these meetings, the President discussed with the members of the delegations on the problems faced by the respective islands and assured that the government was committed to do whatever it can for the development of the islands.