President Nasheed has said that the government was committed to increase its income and reduce expenditure. The President made this statement while speaking to the people of Hirilandhoo this morning.

Speaking to the people, the President said that the objective of this visit was to inform the people on the benefits of government policies and shared with the people details of the developmental projects planned for Hirilandhoo. He noted that the repair of the island jetty would begin within the next two to three months. He also said that construction of 30 flats would commence this year in Hirilandhoo, under the project to provide housing on instalment basis.

The President also said that the government has undertaken regionalization process where the administration of atoll would eventually be decentralized. In this regard, he said that the atolls have now been divided in to seven provinces and he would appoint a State Minister to the South Central Province in the coming week.

During his visit, the President was also presented a plaque by the people of Hirilandhoo. The plaque was presented to the President by the Island Councillor Mr Mohamed Shakeeb.