As part of his tour to some islands of Kolhumadulu Atoll, President Nasheed has this evening visited Guraidhoo and met with the people.

Speaking with the people, the President said that the aim of government’s public services was to provide a better quality of life for the people.

The President especially noted the important contributions of the people of Guraidhoo to the fisheries industry and urged them to continue in this endeavour.

Referring to the developmental projects planned for Guraidhoo, the President said that the construction of 50 houses would begin in the island this year. The houses are planned to be offered on instalment basis. He added that the major part of the construction work of Guraidhoo fish market has now been completed and that the government would give financial aid to complete this work. Furthermore, he said that postal banking services would also be introduced in Guraidhoo.

During his visit to Guraidhoo, the President met with senior officials of various government offices in Guraidhoo.