In his weekly radio address, President Mohamed Nasheed discussed in detail the government’s plans for redesigning four areas in Male’.

The four areas planned for redesigning and developing are south-west harbour area, the Male Market area, the land area where Dharubaaruge’ is located and the area where most government offices are located.

President said the south-west harbour area will be made into an industrial area. Government’s plan, he said, is to build multi-storey industrial to make maximum use of the land.

Highlighting the economic benefits of selling land from south-west harbour area, the President said selling extra land would help ease the high land price and bring other economic benefits.

For the Male Market area, President said, the government’s plan was to develop the area into a multi-storey complex, while Dharubaaruge’ area is planned for the development of entertainment, sports and exercise facilities.

As for the area where most government offices are now located, the President said it will be redesigned so that several services would be made available from one area. The government, he informed, planned to dismantle Huravee and Fashanaa buildings and convert the areas for vehicle parking and other services, respectively.

The President said with the redesigning work could begin in the year, adding that with the completion of the work, pressure on land in Male could be eased.

In this address, the President also discussed development projects for atolls.