Vice President Dr Mohamed Waheed has inaugurated Malaysian Education Fair organised by Winning Magnitude of Malaysia in collaboration with Villa Foundation and Educare of Maldives.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony held at Dharubaaruge this evening, the Vice President noted Malaysia’s contributions to the education of Maldivian youth. He said many Maldivian youth had studied at Malaysian colleges and universities, while many more were currently studying in Malaysia.

In his remarks, Dr Waheed also spoke on the progress being made towards the establishment of a university in the Maldives – to bring the faculties of the Maldives College of Higher Education under the umbrella of a national university.

He revealed that the government’s thinking was to focus on running a limited number of high level academic programmes in areas that were relevant to the Maldives and had comparative advantage, such as climate change, marine science, and hospitality in that national university of the Maldives.

This is the 20th Malaysian Education Fair to be held in the Maldives. A number of Malaysian higher education institutions participate in this year’s fair.