As part of his tour to some islands of Kolhumadulu Atoll, President Nasheed has this afternoon visited Buruni and met with the people of Buruni and the people of Vilufushi living in Buruni.

The President thanked the people of Buruni for the support and co-operation they had rendered the people of Vilufushi, who have been living in Buruni after the 2004 tsunami. He also said that hopefully, the people of Vilufushi will be able to return to their homes in Vilufushi in April or by May this year.

President Nasheed also assured the people of Buruni that the government would continue the development of the island even after the people of Vilufushi return to their homes. He stressed that government policies would be aimed at meeting the needs of the people.

In his speech, the President said that government would upgrade Buruni health post to a health centre this year. He also noted that government recognized the agricultural potential of Buruni and would start agricultural projects in the island this February. He further said that the government would provide housing, on instalment basis, for the people of Buruni.