President Mohamed Nasheed today met with Director of International Telecommunication Union’s Telecommunication Development Bureau Mr Sami Al-Basheer Al-Morshid.

At the meeting held at the President’s Office this afternoon, President Nasheed said the Maldives was heavily reliant on broadband connectivity.

Underscoring the development projects that rely on internet, the President noted the e-letter management system recently adopted by the government to exchange letters and documents between government authorities.

He also said the government was undertaking a telemedicine project to provide quality healthcare to the islands.

During the meeting, the President spoke on the importance of continuing ITU assistance in capacity building and training in the field of telecommunication after the Maldives’ graduation from least developed country status.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr Al-Morshid noted the progress achieved by the Maldives in the field of telecommunication. He further said broadband technologies provide an opportunity for developing countries to overcome the developmental challenges they face.

Mr Al-Morshid assured the President of continued assistance from ITU to further develop telecommunication industry in the Maldives.

ITU will hold ITU ABBMN (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives and Nepal) Ministerial Forum tomorrow.