President’s Political Affairs Advisor Mr Hassan Afeef has said that the government did not foresee any changes to the functioning of the Maldives National Broadcasting Corporation (MNBC) after the inception of Maldives Broadcasting Corporation (MBC).

People’s Majlis passed the Board of Directors of MBC which was created by the Maldives Broadcasting Corporation Act passed by the Majlis on 6th April 2010 and ratified by the President on 20th April 2010.

Speaking to the press about the future of MNBC following the Majlis decision today, Mr Afeef said Voice of Maldives, Television Maldives, YouthTV and RajjeFM, their land and premises, broadcasting frequencies and employees belonged to MNBC.

Noting that MBC was established by an Act of the People’s Majlis and Mr Afeef said the government would provide all the assistance to MBC.

MNBC was established by a Presidential Decree on 22nd December 2008.