The cabinet today decided to allocate ten uninhabited islands, which are smaller than four hectares, for luxury villa development. The decision was made after the cabinet deliberated on a paper submitted by the Ministry of Housing, Transport and Environment.

At today’s meeting, the cabinet also discussed follow-up recommendations on the Donor Conference held in March. The relevant ministries will make project proposals for submission to donors after approval by the National Planning Council. The follow-up work is overseen by a cabinet sub-committee chaired by the Vice President.

The cabinet today decided the Ministry of Home Affairs to be the permanent government authority to manage the Correction Training Centre for Children at Feydhoofinolhu. They also decided to bring the Juvenile Justice Unit, which is currently under the Attorney General, under the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The cabinet also discussed leasing five islands, which are under the traditional system of Varuvaa, and a sandbank on a competitive basis. They decided to put two islands to tender and lease out others on a competitive basis.

At today’s meeting, the President briefed the cabinet on his recent State Visit to Australia.