As part of his tour to some islands of Hadhdhunmathi Atoll President Nasheed has visited Maavah and Isdhoo-Kalaidhoo and met with the people of the two islands separately.

Speaking to the people, the President said that the most important work of his administration was to deliver on its pledges to the people. Focussing on the regionalisation of atolls into provinces, the President said that the objective of the decentralisation process was to improve the delivery of basic services to the people. Further, he said that a province that included the Hadhdhunmathi and Kolhumadulu atolls has now been established and that a Minister will be assigned to the province to oversee the administrative services of the government in that region.

The President also said that the government has now undertaken to establish joint venture companies who will assist the government in its efforts to improve the living standard of the people.

The President also informed the people on various developmental projects aimed at Maavah and Isdhoo-Kalaidhoo that the government has undertaken.

During his visit to Isdhoo, the President toured the famous historical site, the Isdhoo “Haththeli”. The Isdhoo “Haththeli” is among the best known historical sites in Hadhdhunmathi Atoll.