President Mohamed Nasheed has today launched the Government E-letter Management System.

On 13 April 2010, the Cabinet decided to adopt “Government E-letter Management System” (GEMS), which enables government offices to exchange communications electronically.

Speaking at the launching ceremony held at the President’s Office this morning, President Nasheed said government policy was to introduce the most advanced technologies and modern practices of administration into the government to increase its administrative efficiency.

The President noted that through the new e-letter system, the government would be able to significantly reduce administrative expenditure.

GEMS enables all government communications to be exchanged electronically. This application will further improve the credibility, transparency and monitoring of the government bureaucracy. The system will enable policy makers and other decision makers to take regular stock of the work of the respective offices and to ensure remedial actions in cases of delays in responses.

GEMS will initially be introduced in all government offices located in Male’ and South Province.