President Mohamed Nasheed has today met the visiting delegation from the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC). The delegation was headed by Mr Jiazheng, Vice Chairman of CPPCC. The meeting was held this morning at the President’s Office.

The President said that the Maldives and China enjoyed very close and cordial relations and that China was making an important contribution to the social and economic development of the Maldives.

The President also noted that the Maldives and China shared many issues of mutual concern such as climate change, and that the Maldives was willing to collaborate more with the Chinese government on this issue.

Mr Jiazheng assured that China would continue to extend its cooperation to the Maldives. He noted that climate change was an issue of great concern to China as well.

He also briefed the President on the political system as well as on the efforts by the Chinese government to bring greater development and prosperity to the Chinese people.