At a special function held today at the President’s Office, President Mohamed Nasheed has conferred ‘State Dignitary’ title on Mr Mohamed Zahir Naseer and Uz N.T. Hassan Didi, in recognition of their invaluable service to the nation.

Speaking at the function, President Nasheed thanked Mr Zahir Naseer and Mr Hassan Didi for their long service to Maldives.

During Mr Zahir Naseer’s 48 years of public service, he served as the foreign secretary, special secretary for Minister of Health as well as Advisor on Youth Welfare and Recreation.

He received the award for outstanding service to the public in 1979 and the award of recognition in 1991, in the field of sports.

Uz. N T Hassan Didi was in public service for 42 years. Some posts held include; special secretary at the Prime Minister’s Office, President’s private secretary, director at the Department of Information and Broadcasting, secretary and senior undersecretary at the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture. He last served as a member of the Anti-corruption Board.

Mr Hassan Did also received national service award on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of independence.