In his weekly address, President Mohamed Nasheed has said the government will take all possible measures to prevent any disruptions to the peace and development of the country as a result of disagreements among members of the People’s Majlis.

Referring to the incidents that occurred at the People’s Majlis last week, the President said disrespecting Majlis’ code of conduct, scuffles, and using language inappropriate for public forums, would lead to negative public perception of the Majlis.

“As much disagreement as there may be, it is my request that the People’s Majlis carry out its functions without one member assaulting another,” said the President.

He also said that he received reports that some members use offensive language in reference to women when outside the Majlis chamber. He added such instances could not be tolerated.

In his weekly address, the President discussed complaints he had received on the way women were depicted in recent religious sermons, especially on those on the themes of Heaven and Hell. He said several young women and even men who approached him on the issue, requested government intervention to stop such incidents.

“What I say [to such people] is that as there is freedom of expression, when one group of people express a certain point of view, the wisest way, in my opinion, will be for others, if they disagree, to express alternative views.

“People will lead their lives according to a view they believe in and according to a path they want to choose,” the President said.

President Nasheed therefore urged everyone to use the right of freedom of expression without intimidation and violence.

In his address, President Nasheed also discussed the Maldives’ donor conference to be held on 28-29 March, at Bandos Island Resort and Spa.