President Mohamed Nasheed has today officially inaugurated the work on establishing an outpost of the University of Milano-Biccoca in Maggodhoo.

The President is currently on a tour to some islands of Faafu and Meemu atolls. He began the tour this morning.

Speaking at the inauguration function, the President said such projects could be planned for all the islands. Noting that we could gain greater benefits from our economy, the President said that the outpost to be established in Magoodhoo confirmed this fact. Further, he said that this was a part of the government’s efforts to provide higher education in the Maldives.
In his speech, the President stressed the importance of long-term planning. In this regard, he said well planned projects would bring greater benefits and sustainable development.
Noting that such an outpost would contribute to the country’s efforts in mitigating the effects of global warming and climate change, the President said that Magoodhoo was an ideal place to conduct such research.

As part of his tour, the President also visited Nilandhoo of North Nilandhe atoll. During his visit, the President met with the people of the island and briefed them on the developmental projects planned for Nilandhoo.

Speaking with the people of Nilandhoo, the President said that the people of the Maldives are well-informed people and that his government would not make any false promises to the people. Furthermore, he reiterated the government’s commitment to fulfil its electoral pledges.