Government to release documents of President Nasir’s government – President Nasheed
20 November 2009
President to pay tribute to late President Ibrahim Nasir
19 November 2009
President’s Office directs all government offices to participate conferees of national awards at official events
19 November 2009
Vice President meets with the President of Taylors University College
19 November 2009
Vice President says that there is “no excuse for child abuse”
19 November 2009
President Nasheed meets with British High Commissioner
18 November 2009
President abolishes Public Complaints Bureau
17 November 2009
Agreement to begin housing project in two atolls will be signed this week – President Nasheed
13 November 2009
President speaks on the importance of a governance system aimed for the betterment of the people
13 November 2009
President to give details of the progress of the housing project and the proposed land reclamation projects in his radio address
12 November 2009