President says facilitating fishermen is essential in sustaining democracy in the Maldives
12 March 2009
President condemns the suicide attack in Sri Lanka
12 March 2009
President makes senior government appointments
11 March 2009
The Cabinet condemns the slaying of a youth on Monday night
10 March 2009
Indian High Commissioner pays a farewell call on the President
10 March 2009
President Nasheed sends the Commonwealth Day felicitations
09 March 2009
President meets with the senior members of Nurses’ Association
08 March 2009
President Nasheed says he will continue to work for the progress of women in all areas
07 March 2009
President Nasheed says he wants to make the Maldives a safe haven for writers from Myanmar
05 March 2009
Cabinet decides to revise the regulations formulated under the Tourism Act
03 March 2009