The President expresses condolences following the passing of Honourable Abdulla Shahid's (ODRI) father
24 April 2024
The First Lady graces the graduation ceremony of Excel International School 2024 and presents trophies to the students
24 April 2024
The President appoints Heena Waleed as Chief Spokesperson at the President's Office
23 April 2024
Nominations for this year's National Awards open today
23 April 2024
The President casts ballot in the 2024 Parliamentary Elections
21 April 2024
The President ensures access to housing for all residents and people residing in the greater Malé region within the current term
20 April 2024
The President appoints the Chief and Vice Chief of Defence Force
18 April 2024
The National Awards Committee announces that nominations for ‘National Award’ will open on Tuesday, April 23
18 April 2024
The President ratifies the Anti-Defection Act
16 April 2024
The President appoints new members, a President and Vice President, to the Employment Tribunal
15 April 2024